Ecological monitoring and environment forecasting

The definition of ecological monitoring or environmental monitoring is legally given in Federal Law No. 7-FZ dated January 10, 2002 “On Environment Protection” and Federal Law No. 113-FZ dated July 19, 1998 “On Hydrometeorological Service”.

Environmental monitoring (ecological monitoring) is a complex environment observation system, for assessing and forecasting of environmental changes caused by natural and anthropogenic factors.

Ecological monitoring in Moscow has been regulated by a special law of Moscow from November 20, 2004 No. 65 “On environmental monitoring in Moscow” since 2004, which allowed to set goals for environmental monitoring, the procedure and basic directions of data usage.

GPU (state legal direction) “Moscow ecological monitoring” was established in 2002 by the decision of Moscow City Government and makes a part of Moscow Department for natural resources management and environment protection. “Moscow ecological monitoring” carries out the following activities:

  • environmental monitoring in the city of Moscow, where monitoring points for various environmental conditions are located, on what figures and how often the observations are made;
  • collection of detailed information on atmospheric air, surface water objects, soil, greenery conditions, noise levels in the city;
  • collection of detailed information on the current temperature and atmospheric pressure measurements in different areas of the city.
  • collection of detailed information on pollutants present in the atmospheric air, surface waters objects, soils of Moscow, their sources and the impact on human health.