Legal basis of the activity

Moscow Department for Environmental Management and Protection was established on August 29, 2000. The Department is an executive authority and has the rights of special empowered authority for environment protection, atmosphere air protection, fauna and its habitat protection, biological diversity saving, state ecological expertise.

Director of the Department – Kulbachevsky Anton Olegovich

Priorities of the Department

  1. Development of a unified urban policy of environment protection, aimed at the environment improving and ecological safety provision in Moscow.
  2. Participation in the environmental laws improvement and development aimed at the creation of effective legal regulation mechanisms for environment protection and optimal natural resources management; analysis of federal and Moscow laws concerning natural resources management and environment protection.
  3. Participation in the improvement of Moscow law enforcement practice regarding revelation, suppression and prevention of environmental laws violation.
  4. Development and application of economic mechanisms for environment protection in order to improve optimal natural resources management.
  5. Organization and maintenance of regional parks management in Moscow.
  6. Organization and control over the execution of ecological requirements regarding siting, designing, construction, reconstruction, putting into service, conservation and liquidation of buildings, constructions, structures and other objects.
  7. Greenery protection while urban development and other types of business activities in Moscow and control over their maintenance.
  8. Development and distribution of environment protection software and taking measures to protect the environment of Moscow.
  9. Organization and execution of state ecological monitoring in Moscow within the applicable competence.
  10. State ecological control within the applicable competence.
  11. Organization and development of ecological audit and ecological certification in Moscow within the applicable competence; control over organizations which execute ecological audit in Moscow.
  12. Provision the population with reliable information regarding environment protection.
  13. Organization of ecological education and ecological culture development.
  14. Collaboration with state authorities of the Russian Federation, subjects of the Russian Federation, Moscow executive authorities, prefectures of administrative districts, district boards and structural divisions of Moscow Administration, local authorities, authorities of internal affairs, public prosecution and other authorities regarding the unified policy of environment protection in Moscow.
  15. Analysis of lessons learnt from other subjects of the Russian Federation, foreign countries practice regarding natural resources management and environment protection, making suggestions on such practice improvement.
  16. Development and execution of suggestions concerning financial support of the ecological policy and urban programs for environment protection and improvement in Moscow.
  17. Methodical, technical, including laboratory support for the execution of the Department’s functions.
  18. Organization and execution of state ecological expertise for regional objects; control over the execution of ecological expertise laws within the applicable competence.
  19. Exercise of powers concerning water regulations within the applicable competence.
  20. Exercise of powers concerning subsurface resources management within the applicable competence.
  21. Exercise of powers concerning fauna and its habitat protection, regeneration and management in Moscow within the applicable competence.
  22. Exercise of powers concerning urban soil protection and rational usage within the applicable competence.
  23. Exercise of powers concerning hunting and hunting resources preservation within the applicable competence.

The Department’s activity is executed in the following spheres:

  • Control over structural divisions of urban administrations, jurisdictional structures and other organizations regarding environment protection, rational natural resources management and ecological safety;
  • Organization and coordination of urban ecological programs development, aimed at optimal natural resources management in Moscow;
  • Informing the population via mass media about work of urban environment protection authorities; about measures taken for environment protection;
  • Development of ecological education system in the city, retraining and skills advancing of environment protection employees, training ecological skills of company directors and state specialists;
  • Development of legal and regulatory instruments aimed at actual improvement of the environment and regulation of business activities in the city;


The Department pays considerable attention to ecological education. It includes Natural Science teachers training, participation of pupils in ecological practice, ecological school projects implementation, financing of long-term cultural-educational projects.  

Moscow basic curriculum has got a new course “Moscow ecology and sustainable development” since 2007; the Department publishes State report “On current environment state” annually.

Moscow Administration Award for environment protection was established for organizations, creative teams, scientists and public persons motivation.

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